Thursday, March 13, 2008

guy at work

He still paints his fingernails black. He stands there. His stringy hair hanging sullenly over his brow. He rolls back his head, throwing his hair back and pulls down a knit cap with the company logo emblazoned on the front. He lackadaisically looks forward. Paper or Plastic. The girl he longs for wanders into his sight and he becomes confused, nervous. He pulls the cap down further and wipes his hands on his Manson t-shirt. He tries to stay calm, cool, collected.

"hey" trying to sound as uninterested as he possibly can, slumping his shoulders.

Well that's not gonna work I think rather loudly as I stare at how ridiculous he looks. I tie a knot in the trash bag and sling it over my shoulder. I can do several things. Wait here and see how this turns out, creepily. Head out the back and walk to the dumpster that way, or cut through the store and at least see how he does. I combine the first and the latter. I "occupy" myself with something momentarily while she rounds the corner and hears his unenthused greeting.

"OMIGOD" I once heard someone say she was convinced this girl was on coke. I can't believe that for an instant. "Hey there 'little brother'".

He has failed again...ugh, "little brother?"...come on...He stands up straighter and makes some joke, it wasn't funny. She laughs anyway, thats the type of girl she is. I sling the trash over my shoulder and head past them to the back. I would feel sorry for him...but really. Black Fingernails? You're in High School.


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