Sunday, May 11, 2008

Atomik Comiks

I am going to rant about some comic books for a post. IF you don't care don't read it.

Secret Invasion issue 2 sucked. SUCKED. $4 for a normal length story, in which nothing happened. NoThInG. Oh we got Mockingbird back? Or did we? I DON'T CARE. Its freaking MOCKINGBIRD, no one in the book even cared. Ronin barely cared and hes married to her. Thats another thing, Ronin? Seriously. You are freaking Hawkeye you shouldn't have to steal dead Skrull Hawkeye's bow and arrow. You should have your own, its all you're good for.

And the Sentry. Paul Jenkins' original series was enough for this character. It was perfect. It was Awesome. Bendis has made him useless. He flies away crying every. Single. Issue. I don't care if he could take out Thor in a fight. If the Vision can get you to fly away crying, you are useless.

Then the end of the book in typical terrible Bendis fashion instead of people just taking action he has to throw in his two cents with terrible dialogue for the Young Avengers..

"Oh man..."


"I-I Think thats a...."

How about this. DO SOMETHING. You kids are heroes, you wouldn't hesitate. If Bendis had read anything involving the Young Avengers he would know that, but no. Bendis doesn't care about individual characters, he cares about making everyone seem exactly the same and characters from the 70's that no one freaking cares about. Spider-Woman? Mockingbird? JEWEL?!?!

This comic has no point. I don't feel paranoid over who will be revealed next, I don't think this will have any greater ramifications. I think its stupid and a waste of my money. I am tired of this crap being passed off as entertaining good comics, and I am tired of people insisting Bendis is the best writer writing comics today. What makes you think that? His witty dialogue?

Tony Stark: "Whats that Hill? I'll be right there. I have to go"
Hank Pym: "What are you doing."
TS: "I have to go...I just have to go. I have to go."
HP: "He has to go"


His original plots? Skrulls have invaded the Marvel universe!

Oh so its the Skrull Kree War?

NO, this time they have infiltrated our population and are masquerading as humans and superheroes.

Oh so its Battlestar Galatica.

Oh well...yeah I guess....

I don't care if Wolverine is a skrull, that has no larger ramifications (although it would explain why he is everywhere) because it will be forgotten in 6 months anyway. What books still deal with World War Hulk? 2. the Hulk books. What books still deal with Civil War? Avengers Intiative, Thunderbolts, and other books fleetingly. Oh yeah guys I am totally registered, now lets go take in the Masters of Evil! What books still deal with House of M. 1. X-factor (granted its incredible, but thats irrelevant). No one cares about what goes on here and unless Marvel is trying to revert their comics to the mid 70's (Hey it kinda worked with Spider-man, and by kinda I mean everyone hated it) this won't matter after issue 8 comes out.

Seriously. $4 for 22 pages of totally boring, bland story.


Rey said...

Damn, so why'd you buy it then if it sucked so hard?Aren't there reviews and plot summaries online?

Oh and I often Run away crying when I can easily defeat someone... It gets to them psychologically...

Andy said...

Generally I pick up books based on authors, artist, or title. This title was supposed to be good. It wasn't. Just because you read reviews doesn't mean that you agree with them, and often comic book reviews are posted a couple days after books come out, or if they come out before they are for a limited amount of books. And why would I want to read the plot before I bought the book Rey?

Sometimes you just end up buying a bad comic book. I won't be purchasing the rest of the series just reading it in the store.